192 My Little Ruby Valentine


Write a program that presents a Valentine’s day card. You may wish to present text with a design, image or some colorful ASCII. There are no formal requirements, you may choose to make it as simple, complex, or creative as you like.


There was no response to this week’s quiz on the mailing list, but like a ray of hope peeking out through dark clouds there was one solution:

ruby -e 'puts [[3,3],9,9,7,5,3,1].map{|t|[*t].map{|n|"*"*n}.join(" ").center(9)}'

(posted via Twitter: http://twitter.com/mrcryn/status/1217357005)

I will summarize my feelings with a modified version of Ryan’s solution:

puts [[3,0,0,0,3],[4,0,0,5],[5,0,0,4],[4,0,0,3],[3,0,0,2],[1,0,0,2], 0,1]].map{|t|[*t].map{|n|"*"*n}.join(" ").center(13)}

Sunday, February 22, 2009